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Products Adaptability

Do you know the concept of “lean manufacturing”? This is the kind of knowledge I had to learn in high school during my economics lessons. The main idea of this concept is to base the company’s production on the market demand. That was the principal purpose of TPS – Toyota Production System -. Originally called “just-in-time production”, this philosophy recommends to manage a company according different principles such as.... [Plus]

How to be successful at launching a new product or service?

Thanks to Internet, launching a new product or service is much easier. In the "good old days," you could hire a PR agency to craft a press release and set up a press tour. Before the big launch date, you would hit the road and meet with reporters from all the important press outlets. Then on launch day, you could sit back and watch the articles roll in. In those days, reporters might even spend a few days fact-checking and talking to customers before filing their stories. [Plus]

4 of the Best Examples of Email Design

When you're an email marketer, your to-do list often looks like this: Generate opt-in leads, segment your lists, set up lead nurturing workflows, draft clear and concise email copy, check your emails for deliverability, optimize for plain text and HTML, and so on. Geez ... isn't there any fun in email marketing anymore? Thankfully, there are plenty of email marketing geeks out there (ourselves included) that dothink all of that's kind of fun. But these less glamorous aspects of email marketing -- though critical to your campaign's success -- don't paint the entire picture of what amazing email marketing really is. [Plus]

How to simplify your recruitment process

The HR team spend a long time until they find the appropriate candidates. This time-wasting process is the big motivation for every company to use CRM. Their main goal is to cut off the time spending and to make it more effective.There is a common misconception that CRM is specialized for sales teams. CRM nowadays covers almost every aspects of your business. HR is not an exception.There is a common misconception that CRM is specialized for sales teams. CRM nowadays covers almost every aspects of your business. HR is not an exception. AtemisCloudhelps you from very first step. Set up your job offers and put them on your company’s website or sites partners of recruitment. [Plus]

Training: How to make your employees more efficient

When I come back to my parents’ place, I sometimes have a quick look at our photo albums. Once, I discovered I had a quite similar photo as the one above. I was about 5 years old. At that time, I didn’t use any smartphone but a computer. And it was a huge machine with a screen like a big box. I was playing on a computer game installed on a CD-ROM. I was really surprised that I could already use a computer at that age! That is how I realized... [Plus]

9 facts that motivate you to invest in CRM

The benefits of a CRM software are immeasurable when you consider the impact it has on your overall customer service experience, marketing, and sales. The challenge, however, comes with deciding whether or not your company will indeed gain value from investing in a customer relationship management system. As with any ongoing business expenditure, it pays to do your research and get the real facts in numbers. Here are 9 statistics that will not only show you the figures, but motivate you to invest in a CRM software that will generate improved results for your business. [Plus]

5 Tips to Improve Your CRM System

CRM systems have taken a significant role in all companies – from start-ups to big corporations. Sales teams use it to manage their pipelines. Sourcing teams use it to manage their suppliers. Support teams use it as their knowledge base. Some companies even choose to integrate their accounting system into their CRM, in order to have a 360˚ view of their customer profiles. [Plus]

Manage your real estate customers and bookings in real time

Getting more and more customers means increasing your profit, what are actually good news. However, some issues linked to this growth appear: a longer decision process, some inefficient teams because they rely on others, the decision makers quite far from real customers and users, etc. These points lead to an inefficient administrative monster and slow down the information flows among employees. [Plus]

Make your customers' loyal and involved

As the competition get stronger throughout the years, loyalty programs became an essential marketing tools with great advantages. It has been proven that such kind of initiative boost the growth of your company as your brand reputation as well. Actually, whereas only 3% of new visitors who make a first purchase will return to buy again, loyal customers will spend 67% more than the new clients. [Plus]

What is CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System. There are several types of Content Management System but when used in the context of a web site a CMS is a way to create and update web pages. In other words the web designer creates a framework website with graphics and banners. But the actual pages and text that will appear on the webiste is held in the CMS (another database usually). When a visitor to the website selects a page the text is pulled from the CMS and appears on their screen. [Plus]