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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What offers AtemisCloud?

Atemis is a Business Management SaaS which facilitates the daily management of corporations or small businesses. The applications were created with a logic based on the needs of business leaders and on the efficiency of business numeric processes, collaboration, sharing of Information, and the need to work in real time.

Our solutions include 7 branches, 56 modules with 500+ features broken down as follows:
- 1/ CRM
- 2/ Marketing
- 3/ Administrative
- 4/ Projects
- 5/ Finances
- 6/ Human Resources
- 7/ Backoffice + BI + AI

2. What differentiates the AtemisCloud and other ERP / CRM ?

Atemis is defined as a cloud computing editor and offers complete business applications as a service (SAAS). The company hosts your data and leases the applications developed, allowing you to run your business the easiest way as possible, from a web browser. The classic software management in a client / server infrastructure involve internal heavy and expensive costs. With Atemis application, no need anymore to acquire management software at great expense, no need to worry about updates and security.

3. What do I need to use Atemis?

Atemis is a web application hosted in secure data centre. All you need is a computer, tablet or telephone and a simple Internet browser to access to the application. All connections are suitable, even at low flow. Access to your Atemis account requires no special software and no specialist knowledge.

4. Which benefits brings me Atemis applications?

Collaborative work and real-time customization. No massive investment to achieve No operating costs Maximum Security Data Availability Architecture "Up to Date" Easy customization and rapid implementation Best Practices Mobile Access.

5. What level of security in Atemis application and what are the guarantees of confidentiality of data?

The data are stored on NTFS disks, encrypted with EFS (Encrypted File System). These user rights and permissions are set on each table and database columns with read or write accesses. The applications are hosted in our data centers fully secure and protected (https instead of http, secure connection to our server SSL 1024, Windows authentication, SQL Server user), or within your premises, if you have necessary infrastructure. Atemis contractually committed to keep your data confidential and secure.

6. How many accounts and users the Atemis application can handle?

Like a website, Atemis architecture can manage a large number of simultaneous users without affecting response time. The SQL Server 2017 databases can handle millions of records.

7. What is the Atemis Cloud?

Atemis is a complete set of business applications 100% web, fully customizable, allowing you to pluf the modules that you wish and manage all your business information and processes. With Atemis, you can easily view all your contacts, leads, documents, invoices, expenses, candidates, all type of reports and share all solutions appropriately with colleagues.

8. How do I manage the updates and provide new services?

Atemis provides for free updates and maintenance directly from the source application. The functional enhancements are immediately available on your solution. You do not have to download software or to change your system configuration.

9. Can we customize Atemis applications cloud ?

The software is developed to be customized by our clients themselves: adding tabs, fields, reports; forms, change labels, images, user rights profiles, ... During the integration, the Atemis consultants prepare the settings to deliver interfaces and processes that match your needs.

10. Can I import my existing data in the application?

Excel, csv, Access, MySQL or any data from a relational database (RDBMS) can be easily imported into Atemis Cloud.

11. How to recover my data if I decide to terminate the tenancy of Atemis software?

Every day or at any time if you decide to unsubscribe Atemis, you can export independently of all your data to Excel using the Report Wizard. We can also do it for you on supports RDBMS of your choice.

12. What is the cost of the application?

The Atemis Cloud applications are invoiced on a monthly subscription. The price starts from 10 € per module per month up to for 70 € / user for all modules. This price includes the user licenses, minor and major updates, servers and database applications, database licenses, a highly scalable hosting architecture, a high level of data security, daily backup of your data, training and user support (via web, e-mail or phone).

13. Is it necessary to undergo training to learn how to use Atemis application?

By design, Atemis is easy to understand and immediately usable. For our clients, the use of Atemis is similar to that of any other office application: intuitive and friendly. An online user guide and several tutorials are available directly in the application. However, according to the specific needs of your organization, support teams is possible through training sessions held on site.

14. What level of involvement required the IT department of my company?

Thanks to the cloud computing architecture, the IT department has no administration to do. Atemis applications are available on the Internet via a web browser and require no modification or upgrade your existing environment. There is no hardware, software or network equipment to buy and as the application is accessed through a Web browser, your IT department will not implement or manage the solution Atemis.

15. Can AtemisCloud be coupled with a telephony solution?

Atemis has agreements with hosted telephony solutions (IPBX) to provide integration of the 2 solutions through the web. This provides added value features for the users such as Click to Call, Customer details poping up, and all available features of our CRM and Call Center modules.