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Manage your companies' and customers' contacts

Have you ever try to hold a contacts book? Well, I did when I was younger. Most of the time, it looked like that

Truly, it was always a nightmare to make something clear and well-organized. So I can’t imagine the mess it could be for companies without a CRM. How could they manage their contacts list? Some of them just used an Excel file. But it is really inconvenient. First, you have to create the file and to find a way to share it among all your employees. Second, you should pay close attention how you would organize it. Be careful, you can’t store the last name and the first name in the same cell! Otherwise, it is impossible to import your list into an Email Marketing Service and you have to send your emailing manual. Such a loss of time to send 300 emails with replacing first name and last name every time. Third, everyone having an access to this list has to complete it in the same way. It means that they didn’t create a contact twice with different details or didn’t write information in the wrong cell or didn’t store two different information in one cell, etc. Are you really sure that all your employees are so meticulous?The solution for me was the electronic contact books. It is easy to organize and keep it clear. You can even personalize contact details with a photo or a special ringtone.

If you can do it on your smartphone for your personal contact book, what about a professional customers’ book in your company?

AtemisCloud offers a module “Companies and Contacts”. You create a card about a client or a company and add the features you want. Then, your employees attach activity reports to this card, as soon as they did anything for him. At one glance, you have all the information linked to your customer. You are ready at any time for every customer you have. With this tool, you will save much time and make a lot of money.

And it looks very nice:

Beissier took this module. It is a German, French, Spanish group specialist of substrate preparation products. The aim was to launch a loyalty program. So, it was essential to know which products or brands were the most popular for a customer. This information enables them to make tailor-made e-mailing. The customer was informed of the amount of his loyalty points and which kind of gifts he could buy with it. And where was this information stored? In the customer card thanks to AtemisCloud module!