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A solution to be more human.

A long human history

AtemisCloud has a long experience in Human Resources Management. The first AtemisCloud project in 1999 was Holidays Management for the Bank Credit Lyonnais. Basically it includes the employees’ management. Then AtemisCloud expanded its features with the recruitment applications for Carrefour Poland. For each new hypermarket opened, Carrefour received 10.000 CV in a week. The new application was designed to make the process fluent and structured with a dedicated workflow. In 2003, AtemisCloud build its first service ERP for Recruitment and Temporary Jobs companies for an ex-director of Adecco. The solution includes all modules from the CRM, Marketing, Documents, Job offers, Candidates Management, Contracts, extranets for clients and candidates, up to the invoices and payrolls. With a complete solution, AtemisCloud got now customers on HR management all over the world.

A solution to help you

As a recruitment company, you must provide a high level service. Get the right solution to keep your customers in your hands and attract new ones. You need to differentiate yourself from pure players. Yes, all HR companies should use the newest technologies to speed up their processes. This is now a standard and no more a competitive factor. You need to use the same features as pure players. Better than them, you should provide a real care and attention to the job offers and candidates. Your customers post their new requests from your website or extranet. When done, you receive an alert by email for this new post. You can better qualify the offers calling your customer, understanding the underlined needs, and check how it fits perfectly to your current CV’s database. The application displays all candidates fitting the needs. You should check their details, contact them and motivate them for an interview with the customer. After selecting the required number of candidates, schedule the interviews on line with your customer. After the interview, the customer agrees or not with the candidates and confirms the employment on line. The deal is done, the contract is printed, the invoice is published.

Focus on the real value: Relationship.

The essence of your information system is to bring you more added value. The application does the automatic tasks on your behalf and speeds up your work. You can manage easily more candidates validations, more offers, better sales at the same time, with more pleasure than you did with your excel files.

When Indeed, Dice, JobsMonster, Vietnamworks got their value from their online coverage and SEO, you need to develop your business on the creation of other values. How many fake CVs did you receive? How many times did you plan meetings with candidates who never appeared? How many new employees were wrongly employed and stayed few days only? All these human and psychological checks need time. If the technical processes are done smoothly by your application, you spare hours and can focus on your real mission. This mission means the right verification of CVs, calling the candidates, understanding their requests and personal values, checking their real abilities according to the needs of your customers.

The emotional intelligence and candidates’ behavior have to be checked correctly when he / she will join a new culture, new rules, new hierarchy. AtemisCloud allows you to test the IQ / EQ abilities of the candidates, track the records, the interviews and get the right employees for the right company. To increase your sales, the application manages all logical processes and reports for you. Keep focusing on the real capital of your company, your talents and your customers, and make better relationships with them.