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French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam gathers all its information need under one AtemisCloud application

Located in Hanoi and HCMC, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam - CCIFV – regularly shared their documents and information in order to appear as a unique and same institution. The major issue they constantly faced is: how can they share and communicate in a fast and efficient way?

AtemisCloud provide CCIFV a complete CRM solution for:

  • Collecting and gathering in one database all members’ and clients’ details
  • Managing leads in Vietnam for French companies
  • E-mailing system to keep inform the members and the clients of their activities and upcoming events
  • Recruiting the appropriate workforce for its members
  • Managing its events.


CCIFV is an association promoting trade exchange between the two countries and helping in business creation and development in Vietnam. Created in 1989, this organization gathers nowadays more than 250 members from the multinational corporations owning a subsidiary in Vietnam to local businesses created by French people.


Developing diverse production sites in different places is an asset. Companies increase their responsiveness and spread out from various facilities. Nevertheless, with this strategy, they have to rethink their communication between the locations. In order to avoid the work to be done twice or more, or to receive contradictory orders, a performing management system seems essential.

Our solution

The solution AtemisCloud offered CCIFV, consists of four aspects:

  • A 360 degrees’ profile of all their members and clients. The information is gathered in a unique database available on an online platform. The employees, located in Hô-Chi-Minh-City or in Hanoi, have an access in real time to the characteristics and details of their members and customers. The registration of the members in the system is done automatically as soon as the applicant fulfilled in the membership form on CCIFV's website.
  • Management tools to handle the potential leads of clients and the recruitment process. Internet-users register an application from their own personalized extranet and drop off their resumes. Then, CCIFV collects this information and start to recruit for companies which require workforce.
  • An e-mailing module sending personalized newsletter and marketing campaigns. CCIFV used to send its weekly newsletter to 4 200 persons. With this option, the organization just needs to choose the dynamic fields and the targeted segment. This latter is previously determined.
  • An event manager application to coordinate the different ceremonies, seminars and presentations. Through invitations sent by e-mailing, members confirm their attendance at the event. The guest list is based on those answers.

Because all those tools are available on an online platform, both teams from Hanoi and Hô-Chi-Minh-City worked simultaneously and complementary.

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