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6 Business Clouds in AtemisCloud - 1 - CRM

Back in the mid 1998, Benoit Barrier desired to democratize the business management software.

Thanks to the emergence of Internet, he foresees that SME could use 100% web based CRM / ERP usually dedicated to corporations. With much cheaper costs and quicker integration. With a first engineering team, Atemis launched an online business management solution in Europe. All companies can operate smoothly from anywhere, at any time and connect all their departments.

The application has grown up speedy and fully thanks to the customer’s requests. Until now, AtemisCloud has 6 main branches, 54 modules, available in 12 languages and is always improving.

Since the debut in 1998, Atemis has always been based on 100% web - which means all it’s online. The integration is done remotely with the customers, allowing to decrease the initial costs and time of the projects. To avoid extra development costs, the architecture of the solution was designed to allow huge online customization for any requests and processes. With these advantages, AtemisCloud won the trust of over hundreds of customers around the world. Are you ready to be the next one?

We are confident enough to make you wow with our complete integrated solution. Let’s take a look inside our comprehensive cloud where we start with module CRM.

  1. CRM (Client Relationship Management)

Intended for all services, these applications let you better know your customers, better qualify them to better meet their needs and increase sales. Thanks to the definition of management processes, you can grow the number of prospects and managed leads, work more efficiently while saving time and money. The solution ultimately allows you to focus on the real capital of your business: the relationship with your customers.

What are the benefits of the CRM applications?

  • A consolidation all clients information from all the departments
  • An improved communication and information exchange
  • An understand and respond to customer needs thus increase customer satisfaction An increase in sales
  • A facilitated and automated administrative document flow
  • An automatic view of customer’s record and history before his/her call is redirected to you through CTI application.


  • Companies and contacts management (XRM)

The employees of your company can reach the 360° view of all companies and contacts in your organization. (Suspects, prospects, customers, suppliers, competitors,..). They can manage all relationship activities and reports, assign tasks to other employees and follow the sales process defined. After the appointment, the commercial fills his report, either directly on line, or on its smart phone / Iphone. Then, it synchronizes information with the main server. The report/ratio is then recorded in the database and consultable immediately by all the people of the company. Search engines make it possible to find information according to several criteria: name of the company, name of the contact or person in charge of the accounts.

  • Work Schedule (+ extra calendar Integration)

Establish your work schedule per day, per month, by employee or team. A very functional ergonomics thanks to a drag and drop system. A synchronization exists for Outlook, Google Calendar. This work schedule is related to the internal projects (marketing, perspectives, offers...) and external (Opportunities Customers) of your management Portal. The module enables you to provide all the management indicators (time and costs) necessary to your good management.

  • Quotation, Offers, and contracts

Automate the creation of the offers and contracts by a simple and collaborative process which enables you to save time. Define the template of documents, the standards contents to be posted, the grids of calculation of the prices. Constitute your documents then quickly, work in real time, trace their evolution, their validation by the persons in charge. Benefit from the complete prudence to improve your commercial management.

  • Sales Force Management - (IOS / Android)

These modules allow you to organize and track in real time the teams on the ground. Each commercial operation (distribution/repair) is planned and will be followed by a progress report that supplies in real time the database of the Management Portal that will be viewable by responsible persons. Roaming users have access to all the details concerning their clients, products, purchase orders, invoices, delivery or visit program. The module allows the collection of commercial reports, qualification data, GPS location and transfer of photos. The application allows the teams on the ground to fill in questionnaires created since the marketing campaigns module. Using this module is available in a connected or disconnected way. When the user has access to the Internet, he can simply replicate the data...

  • Leads Management

With this module, record all identified opportunities with their details (definition, date, teams, revenues, external contacts, tasks to be realized, attached documents). Share information in real time and follow the progress report and the activities undertaken by all the teams. Release from the analysis of opportunities per month, commercial, type, progress report, group of companies, Benefit from a search engine to combine several criteria and thus benefit from the effective information. 

  • Orders and invoices

Create easily the orders for your customers or allow them to do it from their customer portal. After validation, you can convert these orders into delivery bills. These bills can then be converted to invoices. This application allows multi-currencies and multi invoicing companies. Customize your invoices layout as you wish. Manage afterward the payments of the invoices and get the payment balances. Get the lists of invoices by date, by customers, by payment status. Allow your customer to see the orders and invoices list from your customers’ portal. This application can be linked with the debt collection workflow and other Atemis financial applications.

  • Business Intelligence

With this module, you get or create by yourself all the reports and charts which are necessary for your sales management. All the reports/ratios may be created from the database of the Portal as well as from external ones. Track with precision the number of actions, leads, sales by customer, by branch, by salespersons. Analyze the impact on each target and improve your operations.

  • Customer self-service

You can allow your customers, suppliers, business providers to share your solution so they could see their information and make operations which them were dedicated (update, order taking, a creation of companies and contacts, reports, ...). Atemis allows creating as many extranets as you have different B2B or B2C profiles. Just assign their passwords, rights and authorizations for the menus, tabs and actions on right clicks. They can manage their business perfectly in your environment. You are informed in real time on all their actions.

  • CTI (Inbound, outbound calls)

Integration with telephony allows you to increase the intelligence of your solution and to save time. Click the phone number to call and enter the report into the window that opened automatically. Upon receiving a call, a page tells you what the caller and the subject of the appeal. You can transfer the call and the contact card will automatically be opened for another user. You save time with the analysis and reporting simply because you can cross all business information with the call logs to create management indicators and improve your business. The module marketing campaign to create segments that will be contacted by the operators and qualify the CRM in real time. The predictive calls, by skill are made automatically. With the use of VOIP, the operator manages the campaign remotely from a remote office or home. Details related to calls are automatically recorded in the CRM and records of customers and allow real-time analysis of the effectiveness of campaigns.

  • Outgoing Calls Campaign

Modules dedicated to Call Center professionals with remote and home working. The module includes 12 features for incoming and outgoing calls (Qualification records, administration of questionnaires, online sales, making appointments, helpdesk ...) all connected to other modules Atemis. The marketing campaign application allows creating segments to be contacted by the operators and qualified in the CRM in real time. The predictive calls, by skill are made automatically. With the use of VOIP, the operator manages the campaign remotely from a remote office or home. Details related to calls and customers are automatically recorded in the portal database and enable real-time analysis of the effectiveness of the campaign.

  • Call Center scripting and questionnaires

Scripting module 100% cloud dedicated to Call Centers. Create all the questions and answers with a simple graphical tool. Set the target (client segment of the CRM), team and call center operators to manage the questionnaires. Once the campaign is launched, the questionnaires are displayed on the screens of operators with historical and full contact details. The questionnaires are completed online. Questionnaires can also be sent by email to targeted contacts. Clear statistics in real time and supervise the actions of your teams online. This module can be coupled to an IP telephony solution to allow remote operators to work completely through the internet.

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