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97 by 2018: Make your way through the mass emailing .

97. This is the average number of related-business emails we may receive everyday by 2018. It is a lot. And it will probably increase. Yet, emails are considered as a good way for companies to communicate and to market their products. Proof is: most of the companies send a newsletter every week or month to their loyal customers. But email sent doesn’t mean be read. It just means that your marketing team spend time on it. Thus, questions come up: Is this time spent usefully? How can you increase the return on investment of such kind of tasks?

First thing to focus on is the attention of the readers. They need to be attracted by what they received. That is why customized emailing are more effective than a general one. If you need more advice on how to write the perfect emailing, read our article “Send an efficient emailing campaign”.

However, you don’t want to spend time to send thousands of personalized emails one by one. That is why Atemis developed the module “Newsletter & Tracking”. With this tool, you are able to design and send hundreds of thousands customized e-mailing instantaneously. How does it work? The information of all your clients’ contacts is stored in the database of the CRM. When you write your e-mailing, you just select the fields to merge. Firstname, Lastname, company name, status of the contact, last contact date, last invoice amount,... indeed all the fields from the database. These merge fields are created simply by you or with our help. These fields will be then merged to each contact emailing automatically.

Let’s set an example. Beissier, a French industrial group specialized in substrate preparation product, launched a loyalty program. It keeps a regular contact with its loyal clients providing clients insights as well as gifts they could receive thanks to their loyalty points. The list of purchases for products and gifts are stored within AtemisCloud. This information is stored in "Companies and Contacts” module. The whole history of the purchases, the clients insights, habits and needs are displayed. Then, the “Newsletter and Tracking” module just picked up the necessary data to complete the dynamic fields according to the clients. Thus, each customer received emails with his own loyalty points. This is how it looked like:

Now, time for you to send customized emails. It is a good start. But it is even better if you learn more about your clients emailing after emailing. To know what can be improved, you should create in AtemisCloud your own KPI - Key Performance Indicators -. Atemis module provides some of those metrics to analyze your emailing. You know how many emails were opened, how many potential customers clicked on a link, downloaded a document, fill a form.. etc. Besides, you can get your own KPI. Here are some examples:

  • The CTR – Click Through Rate – is equivalent to the number of clicks divided by the number of sent emails. Multiple it per 100 to get a percentage. It indicates how attractive your emailing campaign was.
  • The conversion rate is the most interesting one for your sales department. It is the percentage of email addressees who completed a desired action after clicking on a link. It means that the recipients clicked on a link and made a purchase.
  • The unsubscribe rate: It shows how many people unsubscribe to the newsletter. It is also a good indicator to know whether your targets are still interesting in the content of your emailing.

Those metrics help you to understand and target potential customers. After each emailing, you will send a more efficient one and it will boost your sales.

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