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AtemisCloud: A customizable solution for the Healthcare value chain

Are you ready for the story of AtemisCloud solutions, used in all industries in the healthcare sector?

AtemisCloud is the ideal tool for all companies, regardless of size or sector. A solution that manages all aspects of the company's life: CRM, Administration, Projects, Finance, HR. A unique platform, flexible and above all totally customizable.

A solution for the food industry

The Techna Group, an expert in animal and plant feed, benefits from AtemisCloud solutions (CRM and Digital Marketing) to increase its sales in Vietnam.

Techna products are then used by some AtemisCloud customers. Our teams work with large Thai farms and processing companies until they are distributed.

In food distribution, AtemisCloud accompanies New Viet Dairy, a leader in Vietnam. The solution manages all aspects of the group's sales and marketing strategy.

The products are sold to hypermarkets, including Auchan, which also uses AtemisCloud's CRM and web marketing solutions.

AtemisCloud at the service of the medical and pharma sector

After having consumed, the client will go to his medical center to follow his diet or health problems. CMI used AtemisCloud solutions for marketing and satisfaction surveys. Hospitals are very interested in the AtemisCloud Healthcare solution, including Hong Duc at HCM City. The optimization of client information and medical data allows increasing the cures and the follow-up of the patients until their recovery. AtemisCloud offers its solutions coupled with Artificial Intelligence.

For his recovery, the patient will take his medicines in the pharmacy. The AtemisCloud solution was set up for international laboratories such as Sanofi or Roche. More than distribution, it facilitates the interactions between the brand, its wholesalers, and pharmacies. 

Besides AtemisCloud dashboards are used for national medical analysis sich as in the Vietnamese Diabetes Dashboard made in partnership with Sanofi, Servier, Urgo, CMIColumbia Clinics, Care Plus

Paramedical companies: sport, bodybuilding, and spa

In search of well-being, the client will use paramedical institutes, fitness centers, wellness, sports and yoga centers, some of which use the Cloud.

At the beginning of 2017, AtemisCloud absorbed the French solutions Resawin, a site for reserving spas and international water treatment. Without knowing it, many customers reserve or leave on holiday serenely with AtemisCloud.

In the field of sports and EMS (Electro-Muscular Stimulation), Dreamfit uses AtemisCloud to accompany it in its commercial and marketing management. Thanks to the solution, the company increased its number of prospects by 1065% and its turnover accordingly.

Technogym, the world leader in fitness equipment, has chosen to replace Salesforce with AtemisCloud for its offer in Southeast Asia.

Catering professionals

Beyond LetEatGo, which manages with AtemisCloud nearly 1,000 restaurants in Vietnam, the Kokois Group is also a new AtemisCloud customer. Through its customized data qualification, CRM and emailing services, AtemisCloud improves sales and marketing of different activities with more information and targeted suggestions.

Discreet and caring, the Cloud of Atemis is always there to care about you.

Be serene and touch the sky, AtemisCloud teams are at your disposal to guide and inspire you!

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