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Conquer the world and have fun with your CRM

If the CRM market grew by 15.1% from 2012 -2017,  43% of customers use fewer than half of the features available via their CRM systems. Have fun is the only way to make a business application correctly used. Successful applications always bring these 3 benefits to their users: save money, save time and have fun. Yes, all CRM correctly used save time and money. Still, most of the CRM solutions are slightly used, 66% of Siebel projects failed due to the complexity of the solution. Most of the Salesforce users consider the solution only as a contact repository. People can even consider the CRM as a pain, a big brother watching upon the shoulder. The success of an implementation depends on the software (30%), the training (30%) and the strategy (40%). The angular stone is the game.

Why should you gamify your sales management? 

Everything changes with the CRM gamification. You can play the game with your team, help them understand the business rules, tune your strategy and get short-term benefits. Making business is a game for adults.

The game will gather all your team around the same objective. A multidisciplinary team includes the marketing, the pre-sales, the sales and after sales team will work and learn from each other. The knowledge is shared between them and enriches all of them. When you give 20$ to someone, you have 20$ less and the receiver got 20$ more. When you have a knowledge and you share it, you give a knowledge to someone else and you keep this knowledge for you. The sum is null. Both of you benefit from sharing your information.The effect of the job can be added more and more when working together in a collaborative way. The right CRM helps you here.

Fixing short-term objectives is the perfect way to manage teams’ work. The rules are known, the segment is defined, the tools are in your hand, it’s up to the team to draw the best strategy and execute it. A successful project requires 10% of ideas and 90% of execution.

Play more with your CRM.

Like a board game, the sales plan requires to fix the territory, estimate the market, define the competitors, their strengths, and weaknesses. The Art of War of Sun Tzu will provide you the right actions to set up and win the game in a peaceful way. After brainstorming, you should prepare your offers accordingly, launch the dices with your campaign and get the first market feedbacks.

The following step is launching the sales presentations, make the quotation and sign the contracts. At any time in the process, the game provides you the KPI and results of your actions and your competition. Use them to adjust your strategy, better your communication, benefit from the learning curve before the next turn.

After several campaigns, your team will become experts. They are ready to conquer the full territory. They will take more initiatives, be more innovative and create more values for your company.  

Manage your overall business in a funny way.

You can now generalize the game to all departments. The 6 business branches of AtemisCloud will make your company funnier and collaborative. Every staff will see their work more connected to each other and interactive. The entertainment will make the tasks of all employees more enjoyable with better deliverables.

Your team will learn quickly, keep smiling, love the weekly challenges and give the best of themselves to win the game. To begin the game, click here.