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Thay đổi thế giới và sử dụng các ứng dụng SaaS trong đợt bùng phát Coronavirus

Corona Homework Nếu sự bùng phát của virus corona có tác động tiêu cực đến nền kinh tế quốc tế, nhưng nó có thể thay đổi mạnh mẽ cách chúng ta làm việc và mang lại tác động tích cực cho thế giới. Thay vì để nó là một điểm yếu, chúng ta có thể biến nó thành một điểm mạnh. Quá nhiều sự tập trung, căng thẳng, sợ hãi, áp lực của con người tạo ra những đau khổ, trầm cảm cho thế giới. Mẹ thiên nhiên chắc chắn không hài lòng về tình trạng văn minh hiện tại của chúng ta. Đã đến lúc để thay đổi. Virus này dù được tạo ra bởi thiên nhiên hay con người, nó cũng là một rào cản công nghệ sinh học có thể phá vỡ nền kinh tế thế giới và quan niệm làm việc của chúng ta. Với phạm vi phủ sóng internet trên toàn thế giới và sự sẵn có của các ứng dụng SaaS quản lý kinh doanh, đã đến lúc các giám đốc của các công ty cho phép nhân viên của họ được kết nối và làm việc tại nhà. Đã đến lúc sinh viên và nhân viên học tập và làm việc từ xa, để tăng thêm sự hạnh phúc, có được năng lượng tích cực và tăng mức độ nhận thức của họ. Đã đến lúc thay đổi thế giới. [More]

Change the world and use SaaS apps during the Coronavirus outbreak

Change the world and use SaaS applications during the Coronavirus outbreak

If the Coronavirus outbreak will have a negative impact on the international economy, it could drastically change the way we work, and bring a positive impact to the world. Instead of a weakness, we can transmute it to a strength. Too many human concentrations, stresses, fears, pressures create sufferings, depression to the world. Mother Nature is surely not happy about our current civilization state. Time to change. This virus, created either by Nature or by Humans, is a biotechnological barrier which can disrupt the business world and the way we conceive work. With the worldwide internet coverage and the availability of business management SaaS applications, it’s time for companies’ directors to allow their employees to be connected and work from home. It is time for students and employees to study and work remotely, to boost their happiness, get positive energy and increase their level of consciousness. It’s time to change the world. [More]

7 benefits of the business suite for your fitness center

AtemisCloud fitness and sport centers solution You probably know how the journey to acquire and retain the customer goes: a suspect got to know about you through social media, marketing campaign, or just heard about you from someone else. Then they will have a free trial at your gym, ask for consulting and book a package. Finally, they always expect the best customer care and service from you. Only by meeting their needs you will be able to retain them. The process is applied for fitness centers and service providers competing hardly with each others. The solution is having a good organization, digital processes to attract and retain better customers. [More]

10 benefits to get an event management solution in the Cloud

Event Management solution To manage your events and the hostesses who will participate in them, numerous companies still use excel or paper forms. They manually created events with all the data and registered attendees with it. Now, it’s 1 week before the event and they want to send the reminder/confirmation email to those hostesses and invitees. They need to rewrite an email from a template, then gather all the emails addresses, send the messages and waiting for the hostess’s / invitees’ confirmation. This process keeps on repeating mechanically for every event they have to manage.From the moment you start publicizing it, to the registration process, your communication, the event content, the delivery, the afterward management all the contacts should follow a clear process including all stake holders. That’s where a software specialist comes in. Spare time, spare money and have fun. [More]

AtemisCloud reaches 500 features available for all customers

Business Bricks Builders After 20 years of development, Atemis team revealed the 500th feature of the solution. From the first beginning, the aim of Atemis was to factorize its code, it's DNA, to be light. Before it's Business School, Ben, AtemisCloud founder, studied mathematics. He always applied the Euler's factorization method as a rule to his life and to the Atemis architecture. 3B: Business Bricks Builders. Each AtemisCloud feature is a brick, a cubic stone which can be assembled to others to build the unique wall or cathedral that the customer needs. [More]

AtemisCloud đạt đến tính năng thứ 500 cho mọi khách hàng

Business Bricks Builders Trong thời gian đầu, mục đích chính của Atemis là công nghiệp hóa những đoạn code, đó là mã DNA của Atemis, hình dung một cách nhẹ nhàng. Ben, người sáng lập AtemisCloud, đã học toán trước khi học về kinh doanh. Ông luôn ứng dụng phương pháp Euler's như kim chỉ nam cho cuộc đời mình cũng như cấu trúc của pha Atemis. Kinh doanh cũng như việc làm của những thợ xây tường gạch. Mỗi tính năng của AtemisCloud là một viên gạch, một khối đá nhỏ có thể liên kết với nhau để tạo nên những bức tường gạch độc đáo hoặc những lâu đài cũng như phần mềm có thể đáp ứng được nhu cầu của khách hàng. [More]

For the year of the Pig: the Pig dashboard 🐷

Pig Dashboard Happy Lunar New Year! This year we are celebrating the year of the earth pig. Do you know how important pig is in Vietnam? Vietnam is the world Champion by growth rate! Vietnamese pig production increase by 150% in 18 years !! [More]

CRM for Education - The Future of the Schools

The future of Education

Credits: Microsoft / Hololens

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications have always been used by Sales and Marketing departments of all industries. Step by step, the CRM strategies and philosophies focusing on the human relationship spread over in every type of industry or institution. For schools, students or their parents are the customers. Then it’s logical to care about these customers from the first contact (suspect), their interests (prospect), their admissions (client) up to their graduations, even up to the end of the graduated careers. The software industry, the initiated, loves to create acronyms understood only by them, like secret words. This CRM solution for Students is a SRM (Student Relationship Management). It can be either called a SLM (Student Life Management) or even a LMS (Learning Management System). [More]

Personalized Learning: Artificial Intelligence and the future of Education

Education with AI AI is arguably gaining terrain in every aspect of our lives. At first, in the dawn of the computer revolution, software was completely passive. Human beings were telling computers what and how to do everything. With forty years in, computers and algorithms have improved in such a way that they are now giving back more than we put in. As AI gets better, it can be applied to more complicated matters and education is the final frontier. [More]

5 AI features to better your communication and sales interactions

AI for communication The world of technology is moving forward at a very rapid pace taking with it all the business sectors. In the next 20 years, we will see more innovations than we did in all humankind. In the 3 last decades there were a hugest number of digital innovations of the history that boosted all industries and created millions of businesses. Humankind has finally realized their own worth and thus has come to the conclusion that repetitive and menial work needs to be done by machines. This shift towards automation has allowed companies to cater to the more human side of their business: emotions and soul. Simply running communication processes needs something more to receive always the best results. So, technology advanced once again and now the communication processes are armed with artificial intelligence. These processes can now take decisions on their own regarding the way to communicate, the message to send and the confidence to create. [More]