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For the year of the Pig: the Pig dashboard 🐷

Happy Lunar New Year! This year we are celebrating the year of the earth pig. Do you know how important pig is in Vietnam? Vietnam is the world Champion by growth rate!  Vietnamese pig production increase by 150% in 15 years !!

AtemisCloud designed a dashboard which will help you to compile and visualize up-to-date information. Here you will find out some very useful data about the pig such as :

  • Real-time data of Vietnam's market
  • The meat consumption and production in 2019
  • The price per kilo in 2018
  • The exported and imported amounts of pork meat for 2019
  • The pig production international shares

To see this dashboard, please click here:

Pig Dashboard

In a competitive environment, data analysis has become a strategic tool. Data collection is the first step then you need to format them to make them readable and understood. Nowadays, companies need to determine the indicator of each indicator and its contribution to the decisions to be taken.

Why AtemisCloud's dashboard can help you to optimize your business?

First, a dashboard is a visual representation of your data. AtemisCloud provides solutions to assist you in analyzing and managing your business activities. Our dashboard is customized according to your wishes. Choose the appropriate visual (chart, pivot table, data card, gauge, map, grid) to create insightful and information-rich decisions support systems. Atemis Dashboard automatically provides the best data visualization options for you, results are in real-time, accurate and always relevant. Atemis Dashboard allows you to focus on what matters the most, your data. Atemis Dashboard is built to make your experience a productive one. Each dashboard element used within a dashboard can instantly provide additional insights into your data. If ever, you want to dig deeper and identify trends you can use filter or drill-down. Straightforward and intuitive runtime customization means your organization can reduce development dictate. The dashboard is a decision support system and you will be able to spend more time in business logic and less on customization.

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