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The benefits of team engagement applications

The success of a company depends on its team. We used to say that a good project in the hands of a bad team will bring bad results, a bad project in the hands of a good team will bring good results. Thus, after recruiting the dream team, your company needs to make sure that this team dreams. Dreaming means here to keep them being satisfied, considered, engaged and happy.

Through team engagement SaaS, you are now able to appraise the satisfaction of your teams, like you can do it for your customers. After the CRM (Customer Relationship Management), your company can evolve with an ERM (Employees Relationship Management). Outside of the legacy HR solutions managing the HR quantitative data, the team engagement is here to gather the qualitative data. It can act as an "Employees Happiness Score" that you capture regularly, control and improve.

So, what are the Team engagement tools available to you? Right now, the tech market is flooded with Add-In software to help managers achieve the team best capabilities. Fully integrated, AtemisCloud provides team engagement applications, directly connected to your SaaS ERP, your HR employees list and the other company’s applications. Here is a list of benefits provided by team engagement tool that will make you want to jump on it right now!

Keep silence and listen

Nowadays most employees are full of diplomas, experiences, and expectations. After the centuries of Top-down management, it’s time to listen to your teams and drive them more to Bottom-up management. Keep silence is the best way to listen and think. Allow your teams to express themselves, in a quick and smart way. Let them know that their manager is here to listen and take the comments into consideration. Gather valuable insights by listening to employees' moods, opinions, ideas, and suggestion. Efficient collaboration leads to the best innovation, even more, if your teams are located far from each other.

Everyone wants to be heard. As soon as employees understand that the director listens to them, they will think over providing the best ideas for the benefits of the organization. Employees who feel listened will feel valued. The directors are empowered with valuable insights to drive employees and perform at their best. Care how employees feel by listening to their moods and use the results to launch the correcting actions. Through historical data, view the evolution for every individual, team, or business unit. Get notification of low moods to avoid employees churn and keep your team focused and happy.

By empowering your employees, you will make your organization more successful by listening to their ideas and experiences. Customized questionnaires and polls are available for your manager to collect all types of feedback.

The benefits of team engagement applications

Raise the values and interests

Linked to the values of your company, try to identify what really motivates your employees. Do they fit to the company culture? Learn which values are most important to your team through HR questionnaires to understand the team alignment and motivation levels of all its members.

The yearly corporate budget and forecast exercises gets it’s individual impact on each employee. The quantitative and qualitative objectives are fixed, and with SaaS applications, tracked in real time. With new technologies, the objectives can be permanently adjusted using rolling forecasts and Artificial Intelligence. This application will make performance development approachable, tech-friendly and easy. Providing clear direction, continuous opportunities to change and fluent collaboration create a culture of high performing teams.

Fill in few minutes clear objectives, continuous skill development, frequent opportunities to improve your team. You will take the stress out of employees when they do not foresee their future. Besides you will gamify their work by providing short terms goals and achievements. They will feel satisfied with their evolution and feel happy in their professional role. They will climb the skills ladder, take ownership of goals, pave with you their professional development path and will boost their own performance. They will engage themselves with their brain and with their heart.

Correctly followed up, all individual’s feel happy and their improvements become positive. Managing correctly all individuals’ progress allows to improve drastically the corporation success.

The virtual circle begun. Success will drive more success.

Join the sharing philosophy

Your company worth getting happy employees, get honest feedback and ideas from them. To do so, the company culture should be focused on open communication, recognition and application of good suggestions. The collaborative application will allow all employees to share, rate ideas of others and engage in the company’s change. The dashboards gather all current polls and questionnaires results. The performance of your employees and your company accelerate when project collaboration is responsive, open, and efficient.

For example, you can share creative ideas, or provide constructive feedback about the work or results of others. Like we are all now used to do on social networks. Whatever is your position in the organization, you are able to say ‘thank you’ or ‘great job’ to your colleagues in one click. Keep being smiling and happy. Promote positive actions by offering recognition and encouragement. It will improve the overall mood inside the company, better the social connections, increase the employee’s satisfaction and bring all benefits to your company. Give to get. Get the added value of all team members to build a stronger and sustainable company. The essence of life is sharing and be happy.

Now, with AtemisCloud team engagement applications, it can be the essence of your company.

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