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AtemisCloud reaches 500 features available for all customers

After 20 years of development, Atemis team revealed the 500th feature of the AtemisCloud. 

These 500 features were developed over these last 20 years to reply to the larger needs of international customers. AtemisCloud include 7 branches: CRM | Marketing | Administration | Projects | Finance | HR | BackOffice & AI. An AtemisCloud feature is for example the "Invoices" in the Financial branch, the "Products management" in the Marketing branch or the "Payroll" in the HR branch. 

From the first beginning, the aim of Atemis was to factorize its code, it's DNA, to be light. Ben, the founder of AtemisCloud, studied mathematics before his business school. He always applied the Euler's factorization method as a rule to his life and to the Atemis architecture. 3B: Business Bricks Builders. Each AtemisCloud feature is a brick, a cubic stone which can be assembled to others to build the unique wall or cathedral that the customer needs. All unique features are similar from one customer to the other. The Intelligence resides in the database's structure and content. The applications are multi-instances, while the databases are multi-tenants. There is one database content for one customer. All features, built on demand for the first customers, were coded considering the needs of other potential customers. Thus all feature accept parameters and customization fields. It allows other customers to use and adapt them as needed.

When the first Atemis team sold solution by the end of 1998, only 2 features exist (Online Invoices + Employees Management). The solution grows month after month through the new customers' requests. From the start, AtemisCloud auto financed it's development without any  funding. The goal was to reply to the e-business needs of the market and convince the customer about the quality. AtemisCloud values were created from this time: Confidence, Quality, Responsibility. 

Found of projects methodologies, Atemis team used the MVP (Minimum Valuable Product) philosophy to reply quicker to the customers needs, to allow them to work and cash in quickly. The applications were improved later, and the new updates provided for free. From the beginning, AtemisCloud had to pay attention to the quality of its solution. The development of the company depended on the projects delivered and paid.

Business Bricks Builders

For 20 years, made with love and 1.500.000 working hours, these 500 features are strong and safe to use.  

1/ The CRM branch remains the most important with 110 features. The CRM is split into i/ the Salesforce, ii/ the customers data management and iii/ the Call Center modules. In 2000, Thalatel was the first customer for developing deeply the CRM for its B2B and B2C travel agencies. From then, the Call Center features were developed. The first CTI was connected to Lucent Technology in 2001, and the first VOIP Call Center was launched in 2004 with Centile and used in many countries. From then, the CRM features were completed to fullfil the needs of various industries and though the emergence of social networks.

2/ The Marketing branch include all 91 features for Online and Offline Marketing.
From the events management to your digital Facebook campaigns though your website CMS, all is included into one solution. Indeed, the Marketing features are the mostly used applications through all customers with 77% usage, in front of CRM with 72%. The Marketing companies are as well the biggest group of customers in AtemisCloud, representing 7% of the revenues. The SalesPack is the favorite solution including CRM and Marketing features for $30/month/user.

3/ The Administration or Collaborative branch include 63 features with Business Process Organization, Documents, Procedures up to the Dashboards. Extensively used by all customers as their own intranet in replacement of SharePoint. This branch is essential and used by most of the AtemisCloud's customers.

4/ The Projects Branch include 38 features gather all projects applications like MS Projects, from the resources, tasks schedulers to the Gantt's graph and financial analysis. It includes vertical project management for Real Estate and Press companies. The first features were developed for Atemis internal needs in 2000 for managing the different projects and remote developers. Because Atemis prospects love the online features, the project solution was used from 2001 in several industries in Europe (Poland, France, Germany). Geant Casino was the first customer to select only Project solution in 2002. KPMG Poland selected the AtemisCloud CRM and the Project Management in september 2003.

5/ The financial branch is composed of 21 features which reply to the standard needs of every service company. From the fixed assets, through the purchase management, up to the invoices and cash management, this branch proposed all the traditional financial features for Small and Mid Market companies. This branch benefits from the Atemis native components such as the Business Intelligence, Workflow, Analysis and Reports to provide thousands of customized reports for the international clients. The first Atemis solution was a Financial one, the invoicing module created in ASP and MS Access in September 1998, one month before the official creation of Atemis in 1998. 

6/ The HR branch include 72 features from the job offers creation though the appraisal or employees' satisfaction to the training of employees. The first large recruitment feature was developed in 2000 for the needs of Carrefour Poland, which received 10.000 CV for each new hypermarket opening. From 2000, all Atemis customers were able to use this feature which was fully customizable. e-Boss, a french recruiting company signed in March 2003 and pushes the extension of the features to the Temporary Work Management. From then, various companies selected AtemisCloud only for HR features all over the world.

7/ The Backoffice and AI branch are indeed the 105 most advanced features of AtemisCloud. It is split into 3 main groups: Database, Customization, Settings. These features include the bots, workflows and processes allowing the customers to structure, synchronize, collect data, clean them, merge them. The customization tools allow the creation of new data, new page, new report, new menu, new tab, new context menu...Through these features, each customer can adapt its own Cloud solution in real time and full freedom. 

Thanks to the architecture and the surgical work done for 20 years, AtemisCloud solution is complete and customizable. One Cloud to manage all your needs. This is why it is now used in 60 countries by 1.200 companies in 12 languages and 24 different sectors.

We will be glad you to join the AtemisCloud community.

Use all the bricks to build your own wall. Get your own solution.