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10 benefits to get an event management solution in the Cloud

To manage your events and the hostesses who will participate in them, numerous companies still use excel or paper forms. They manually created events with all the data and registered attendees with it. Now, it’s 1 week before the event and they want to send the reminder/confirmation email to those hostesses and invitees. They need to rewrite an email from a template, then gather all the emails addresses, send the messages and waiting for the hostess’s / invitees’ confirmation. This process keeps on repeating mechanically for every event they have to manage.

Failing to send the correct reminder email or to receive the confirmation can result in a lot of no shows up to the event, because they were not regularly informed about your event, and they just don’t check this very email. Then, you will have a very hard time to complete your teams at the last minute and get people replacing those positions that are missing.

The overall aim of any marketing event must always be giving a good impression of your business and its relationship. Every element will say something about you, so you need to ensure it runs smoothly and professionally from the beginning to the end. It needs to follow the quality standard in your market, defined mostly by your competitors. From the moment you start publicizing it, to the registration process, your communication, the event content, the delivery, the afterward management all the contacts should follow a clear process including all stake holders. That’s where a software specialist comes in. It can offer you with planning, organizing, and running an event while removing all repetitive and manual tasks. Spare time, spare money and have fun. 

Event Management solution

1/ Make your life much easier

            The main benefit of using a events solution is that it gathers all information about your event in a 360° view. It maximizes your information, reduce your actions and improve your efficiency. In some Atemiscloud projects, we saw the manual operations decreased by more than 30%. Once you fill in all the information needed for an event, everything is run automatically, from checking available hostesses to sending notification emails to destines – leaving you to concentrate on promoting the event. Especially, if you are running multiple events at once, this will tremendously boost up your speed, lower the managing burden and increase the overall happiness.

2/ Automatize processes

            A good management solution will help you to automate most processes. It provides features like registration tracking, recruitment processing, emailing automation, payment processing. You will also be able to grab all the information needed to know what is happening, who’s registered, who’s paid, who attended their job, are they on time and much more. Plus, you have an easy way to track how much money collected and spent for each an event.

            It will save time for your communication as well. With just a few clicks, you should be able to send out tailored emails, including “thank you for attending” messages to those who made it and “sorry we missed you” to those who didn’t. In addition, you can create notification emails to send to your employees/hostesses when a step in the process is done, like when the interview was passed, or their payment has been transferred.

3/ Improve the communication with your customers

            Besides the normal communication using email, you can also work side-by-side with the customers like a partner. After the system has picked the hostesses for an event, you and your customers can work together in real-time to choose which particular hostesses that he/she want for the event. Not only that it improves significantly the speed and the integrity of the selection process, but also it helps you to understand more about your customers and provide you the chance to help, consult them on how to choose the hostesses. Thus, strengthening the relationship between you and the customer. 

4/ Better the professionalism and the overall experience

            Workflows makes the management of the processes faster, transparent and much more professional. The whole experience runs more smoothly. Instead of going back and forth between the excel files and the paper documents, now every data about your event is on one page on a single solution. Nothing is missed which is the bigger risk by 70% in a manual system. All KPI are available and are shared by all the team. The tasks for any employee can be followed by all, and when done, the next one can be executed directly after. No surprise. All outcomes and issues are managed more easily and much more accurately from your mobile phone. The event management solution will elevate you and your work. Be more professional, stress less to improve always the processes and your partners’ satisfaction. 

5/ Increase engagement

            Engagement is at the heart of all marketing. It needs to start long before an event takes place and be supported and encouraged during and after. A good event management solution will provide tools to support your communication at all stages not just with the customer but also with all your partners, your hostesses and employees. It will also give you the ability to see and analyze the big picture of your overall engagement levels. 

6/ Focus on targeted audiences and activities

            Marketing is at its strongest and most effective when it is highly targeted and tailored to an individual (the key principal of account-based marketing). Use the event management solution with all the available contacts keys and tags (VIP, Partner, Distributor…), to tailor your event and associated marketing activities. For example, by creating a unique VIP guest list using the target audience, you can send specific emailing, Instant Messaging, assign some specific activities to a specific hostess, and provide the targeted contacts drink and food base on their status. 

7/ Get real time and customized reports

            Information at the source of action. No more making analysis and summarized reports manually using Excel or any reporting program. You can now use the solution to create for you any kind of report, dashboard, graph, gauge. A good solution will provide you with a 100% customisable report, from marketing to financial. Anything you need can be done in a blink of an eye and no more will you have to worry about KPI and reporting. 

8/ All documents in one place

            All good solutions will allow you to store all your documents in one place. No matter what type of file or how big is it, the solution will store it in the cloud and provide you the option to share it with anyone. From event requirements sent by your direction or your customer to the list of equipment needed, all can be stored, shared and reused with ease. Use numeric forms to complete your check lists of goods and people and get all reported into shareable real time PDF files stored in the single location. 

9/ Get all on your mobile

            A cloud-based solution supports all kind of platforms and will make your work much freer and more flexible. Work anywhere, at any time from any device. No more need to come to the office or have a laptop with you all the time to make sure your event is going on the right track. Now, with a multi-platform solution, you can work from your mobile phone or any computer which has access to the internet. 

10/ A holistic approach

            Overall, an event management solution can act as a hub, holding together all elements of the event’s process. It helps keeping everything connected, shareable with all stake holders, so that you increase the engagements, the transparency and the confidence with all partners.


            By moving the entire event management operation to the cloud, you allow everyone to decrease their level of stress and increase their level of confidence. Now everyone knows that the solution cares about the data and provide all the reports that everyone needs. The event team can wisely achieve scalability and ubiquity in the management of the logistic, the attendees and the workforce. With the Clouds, all is whiter, rounder and smoother. With Atemiscloud, get distance and height from your events managing them in a wiser and lighter way.