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7 benefits of the business suite for your fitness center

You probably know how the journey to acquire and retain customers goes: a suspect got to know about you through social media, marketing campaign, or just heard about you from someone else. Then they will have a free trial at your gym, ask for consulting and book a package. Finally, they only expect the best deal, the highest customer care and service from you. Only by meeting their needs you will be able to get and retain them.

The sales process applies for fitness centers and service providers competing hardly with each others. More than power, the success factor is the speed of work. Your customers are keys. Capitalize on them. Know them more, Get more feedback, listen to them. The solution is improving your organization with digital and marketing processes. The goal is to speed up the information flow, gather data in real time, to know more and interact better with your customers. Then you can provide customized services, plan other classes to attract and retain more members.

Yes, you know by heart all the steps above. Still you do not figure out how to begin with and organize your organization change. 

Let us run with you with the 7 benefits that we could bring immediately to your fitness center.

1/ Leads generation

From social media to website, from workshops to local events, all your marketing campaigns will generate leads that you need to gather and put into one single database. With AtemisCloud CRM and the social media integration, you will have a solution hub to put all your leads from all sources, qualify them and enrich the data though AI and big data. From there you can user the marketing automation features and analyse the outputs in real time.  

Share with your team the 360° profile of all your leads and customers, try to understand who knows who to provide better recommendations and fasten the conversion. 

2/ Qualification

Ok, you gathered some good information, what’s next? Let's say that 15% of your prospects will directly fill online form for a trial session. They are on the tunnel. The other need  more trust or collect more information about your center. Questionnaires can be sent to identify which sports they are looking for, which expectations they have, and indeed what will make them start. 10% will fill this questionnaire on line. Perfect.

With the 75% other, you collected from the AI feature some picture and data which allow you to figure out who is the prospect and what could be it's need. The application can send them dedicated service brochures according to their profile. 30% will read the message and interact. 5% will sign up. For the other, get a call first with specific marketing scripts to say and get more prospects converted. 66% of the overall leads should have a quotation from you. 
If you are quick and active, around 25% of the leads can request a trial and become customers. 

3/ Emails and notifications 

Keep informing your leads as your current customers. To communicate effectively with your customers, email is the best choice here. Sending email, regular newsletters and compose personal emails to customers is a must.

AtemisCloud solution includes a full emailing solutions for you to create, send and analyse emailing campaigns. You will have everything at your disposal and all connected to your CRM. The application also provides automation features to send customized emails base on specific conditions. Imagine a customer who has 7 days left until the package is over will be notified, a suspect who enters an event will receive a newsletter, a prospect will receive the free trial on demand. All done automatically by the system. 

4/ Sessions booking

           Just like the marketing campaign, you have a lot of ways for your customers to book a workout session. They can book via your mobile website, via Facebook calendar, Messenger, ChatBot or they can contact you directly. Then store all sessions into the common calendar and make sure the customer checks and comes for his/her sessions.

           With AtemisCloud suite, you will have a booking calendar that can be share on your Facebook page, website, email. The customer can book a free trial, a workout session, edit the time or cancel the session if they can’t attend to it. You will no longer need to get involved in the repetitive, administrative task anymore. Your employees will have a check-in and out feature on their mobile device and everything will be stored and analysed for you. Whether the customer comes or not, you will have all the information right in front of you.

AtemisCloud fitness and sport centers solution

5/Classes management

Whether your fitness center follows the session or the course and class model, all can be managed through this business suite. Instead of having your customer to book a session, you can have them choose the course and class they want to participate. After that, they will be provided with an AtemisCloud lite version on mobile which contains all the necessary information like the calendar, upcoming classes, documents, etc. The account information will be sent by email to the customers after they have bought a course. To interact and update the information about the classes, each of your employees / teachers have an account with all the functions.

6/ Invoices and Financial management

           No more writing invoice by hand, AtemisCloud provides you with an e-invoice solution. When a customer buys a package or course, an invoice will be created inside the solution with all the necessary information and will fit any template that you want. Then you can send the invoices directly from the solution to the customer via email and receive their feedback. The solution also provides a lot of analyses about the invoices and the marketing campaigns which will give you the views from every angle. From that, you can get experience and make a better decision in the future. 

7/ Dashboard and Artificial Intelligence

           With the check-in and out feature that the trainer will receive in their mobile solution, you can either choose the normal or the more advanced way. The normal way is that the solution will provide the list of upcoming sessions/classes to the customer with all the customers who will participate, and the trainer can check manually who shows up and who’s not. If you want to skip the manual task for the trainer so that they can focus on the training, you can use AI to assist you. AtemisCloud provides facial recognition to do the check-in on behalf of the trainer. You only need to take the picture of the customer using your phone and everything else will be done by the system. Then all figures are automatically gathered and analysed through real time dashboards. All KPI are defined for your team to always focus on the right objectives and increase the efficiency. 


Ultimately, AtemisCloud will contribute much more than increase the engagement and self-service of your customers. It will also allow you to manage your company better. It reduces your cost by reducing by 30% the number of hours spent on repetitive and manual tasks. Besides it increases the sales by the leverage effect of the digital marketing tools, by helping you make smarter decisions and providing more and better targeted offers to your prospects. 

           Let’s run with you side by side. Contact us here and or request a demo there.