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Change the world and use SaaS apps during the Coronavirus outbreak

The new Coronavirus pandemic forces the humanity to live differently. All schools and university closed in many countries. The companies restrained their employees from working in a crowded environment and from travelling. When everyone figures out about the negative impacts of the crisis, we might consider the positive change it will bring to our living. Change from working at home, limiting our trips, reducing our shopping habits and focusing on our family. Working remotely has already become a trend in the western world. Still it is quite new in developing and populated countries. By working remotely, you can work wherever you want, get the job done quicker and more efficiently. This working style is applied by many companies trusting their employees and allowing them to get more responsibility and freedom. The corporations are more and more hiring staff or qualified freelancers working remotely or outside the office. With SaaS business management software, working remotely is the solution during a pandemic and it's becoming safer than ever.

Save time

New technologies brought new working styles and more freedom. When working remotely, you will reduce trips from home to office, limiting the stress due to the public transportations, the traffic jams or the bad weather. In a lot of developing countries, the promiscuity and the traffic are getting worse and worse, especially in big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Manilla, Djakarta ... Traffic congestion occurs daily, especially in rush hours coming in and going out of the office. When thunderstorms break out, the pollution flies in the red level the trips are not a pleasure, they provided stress and angriness that the employees bring with them at work. By working from home or any near coffee house, you feel safe, dry and happy.

Remotely working allows your time to be more flexible. The goal is to make the tasks done, not to show off to your manager that you seat on your chair. Start the job at any time and finish it in the time you need. If you need a break for administrative or personal reason, get it. With SaaS apps in your phone, you are no more in prison. This work style helps you to be more comfortable in your life and improve your performance. Even your boss feels better and found other interests than complaining.

Instant messaging software, web conference tools, digital forms and workflows, documents stored in the cloud, accessed anytime, anywhere, numeric processes allow flexible schedules and real time reports. For the benefits of your employers and yourself, by staying far from Coronavirus, you save your life, your time, no quarantine needed, you are safe.  

Change the world and use SaaS applications during the Coronavirus outbreak

Save money

If you regularly record your monthly expenses, you will find out that you spend a lot for moving and working in your office. Buying your daily overpriced sandwich and drinks in the CDB in only an opportunity for the seller. The same products cost much less at your home.  Working from home or the vicinity will save transportation, restaurants costs and money on additional expenses. Your beautiful uniforms perfectly ironed can stay your closets. Your boss will focus more on the quality of your work, than the standard of your clothes. When working from home, you can wear what you like, stay comfortable in your t-shirt or hoodie as long as you can complete your work well. For women, you cut the cost to buy daily cosmetics as well as to take time to make up before going to work. Keep this money and time for your boyfriend or your husband. You can save money on meals, cooking and eating in your warm home. It’s much healthier than reheating your meals in the company's microwave. Use the grocery's shops to deliver you the ingredients that you wish without spending time in the crowded supermarket fulls of potential Coronavirus infected clients.

Besides the benefits for the employees, the employer as well can save substantial costs. When your company has fewer employees working from the office, it reduces its office space, masks, soaps, cleaning, electricity, air conditioning,...The smart action is to invest in a business management SaaS, invite the employees to work from home and get all benefits of remote working . Sharing the data between all your employees, without sharing the Covid-19 virus, increase the team work and the happiness, less meeting and more actions, automating the repetitive work, managing your remote employees schedules, getting reports, sending all Business Intelligence report in numeric format,… Indeed even the trees are happy because the pollution reduces drastically during the Coronavirus times and human use less printers and papers. Digitalization brings benefits to the Nature.  

When people believe that the virus was created either by a Chinese laboratory, or by the CIA agents, or by the Russian FSB agents, maybe the Nature itself decided to transmute this virus, to stop the proliferation of humans and get back its place in this planet.

Get a place wherever you want

You want to enjoy the cool atmosphere of a coffee house in Hanoi, you want to stay in a warm room on rainy days, feel free to choose the workplace you want. Some people choose their balcony area, close to the trees with their singing birds, to work so that they can enjoy the fresh air, which makes them feel more comfortable to work effectively. Or some people like to work alone who want a quiet space by using a part of their bedroom to work so that they be more focused on their job. Some will prefer to be protected in their bunker fully wired to internet. Even if you are working from different locations, everything is integrated into one single SaaS application giving you the feeling that you are all connected. All remote staff bring values together in a virtual office free of viruses.
Just do it! Go out, you can work wherever you want. Come back to nature. Work outdoors in your garden, in the forest, far from people and bats, while enjoying the natural cool air.

Be quiet

For some of you who are easily distracted by people around, the woman in the red dress, or the sales director with his six packs, working remotely is the ideal style of work. You can stay quiet, immobile and aligned to your duties without being distracted. This is a Buddhist attitude, a good beginning for meditation. Get control of yourself, release the negative energy of others, make peace and get the full power. When you work remotely, you can focus on your workload during hours in efficient way. You will avoid colleagues asking private questions or discussing about gossips around you. Outside of speaking about people, you focus on ideas, how to improve your work, your company, how to heal the world and make it a better place. The SaaS apps will help you here to see all KPI in a transparent way. All is rational. All emotions are out. Only your good spirit is needed here to be better and go higher.

Be positive

In the same time, you will be far of the social pressure, the stress, the fear brought by tens of millions of humans living in the same city, by the overpopulated and over polluted areas. The permanent competition running to catch your bus, your metro, or using each free centimeter of the road to drive your motorbike avoiding an accident is tiring for all of us. All these fears, in addition with the one of the Coronavirus, limit your development and your happiness. The environment in large offices have always less positive than  negative impact. Negative behavior can be like a virus. As Leonardo DiCaprio mentioned in Inception: “An idea is like a virus. Resilient. Highly contagious. And even the smallest seed of an idea can grow. It can grow to define or destroy you”.  Material, proud and greedy employees often compete in a bad way with each other bringing small conflicts and angriness inside the office. When working from home, all worries are far from you. You forget these human problems; you keep being happy and positive. As soon as you connect to your application, your business management SaaS will be kind with you. It will help you to complete your task as quick as possible, make you enjoy your working time and keep smiling.


If the Coronavirus outbreak will have a negative impact on the international economy, it could drastically change the way we work, and bring a positive impact to the world. Instead of a weakness, we can transmute it to a strength. Too many human concentrations, stresses, fears, pressures create sufferings, depression to the world. Mother Nature is surely not happy about our current civilization state. Time to change. This virus, created either by Nature or by Humans, is a biotechnological barrier which can disrupt the business world and the way we conceive work. With the worldwide internet coverage and the availability of business management SaaS apps, it’s time for companies’ directors to allow their employees to be connected and work from home. It is time for students and employees to study and work remotely, to boost their happiness, get positive energy and increase their level of consciousness. It’s time to change the world.