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How to Develop your CRM for an Effective Loyalty Program?

Happy and Loyal customers It is often considered that a powerful and effective CRM program can accelerate your sales and allow you to continually satisfy your existing customers. How is it really? Is it worth investing a good deal of time and resources? As it turns out, it is more productive for establishments to maintain a good rapport towards their already existing customers, than constantly looking out for a new audience. Companies usually need to spend lot more resources to acquire new customers than to sell to an already existing customer. [More]

How to Cold Call Efficiently Your Propects?

How to Cold Call Efficiently Your Propects? Knowing the proper techniques for cold calling can give you those important clients crucial to climbing up the corporate ladder. The right tactics are simple to learn. You need to excel in both the endeavour of choosing your prospects cleverly and captivating them with what they want to listen. [More]