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5 AI features to better your communication and sales interactions

The world of technology is moving forward at a very rapid pace taking with it all the business sectors. In the next 20 years, we will see more innovations than we have ever seen in all humankind history. In the last 3 decades, the number of digital innovations boosted all industries and created millions of businesses was higher than ever before. Humankind has finally realized their own worth and thus has come to the conclusion that repetitive and menial work needs to be done by machines. This shift towards automation has allowed companies to cater to the more human side of their business: emotions and soul.

Simply running communication processes needs something more to receive always the best results. So, technology advanced once again and now the communication processes are armed with artificial intelligence (AI). These processes can now take decisions on their own regarding the way to communicate, the message to send and the confidence to create. 

AI for communication

The highly complex AI processes that are nowadays found in all forms of automation software and can provide a range of tasks to any business, big or small. Believe it or not, all large corporations now have AI-based software integrated into their sales and marketing processes, Business Process Organization (BPO), financial workflows and the smaller businesses are following and catching up as well. To explain how AI affecting your business, we will show you these 5 AI communication features and explain how it can be used in your own company.

Self-Improving communication processes

Humans have become tired of repetitive actions. Factorization and improvement are the keywords. When an action was done by a human, instead of repeating it, an AI feature can help and process the action by itself. The goal is to digitalize all communication applications and processes inside and outside the company. All interactions can be learned, stored, factorized, trained and improved. What a consultant, a content editor, or a sales manager can do through data analysis, AI feature does it naturally. It simply needs to learn through historical data. With the help of AI, all customer interactions can be personalized and self-improved. A client will feel that they are at home while using such customized processes. This is possible as the AI feature can identify the various patterns of each customers group and ensure that the interactions (Calls, Emails, Meetings, Orders, Sales, Payment, After-Sales,…) are suited to their patterns. In this manner, the AI system defines which are the products or services a particular consumer would require, present it to them before having to search or recommend them to the salespeople.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Context is everything, especially when you are dealing with a client. Up to a certain point in time AIs basically served as smart FAQ machines. But with the introduction of NLP, these systems took a step forward and were able to understand the context of what is being asked to them. As a result, the communication standard between a user and AI took on a whole new level. An NLP powered AI system can understand complex technical questions and provide answers from vast search directories. The development of this process is still ongoing and some of the most used NLP processes are Cortana (Microsoft) and Siri (Apple).

NLP also becomes really helpful when a customer chooses to provide feedback through a questionnaire. In such a case, the AI can detect the pattern of answers the customer is providing, understand their context, and provide them with the necessary follow up question(s) to truly understand their perspective. This perspective can help channel business growth in the right direction.

Sentiment Analysis

In order for your business to grow in the right direction, you need to know that it is on the right path. Otherwise, whatever growth that your business is experiencing maybe faulty and can setback actual growth by quite a few steps. The best way to ensure that your business is on the right track is through clients' feedback. Going through them and spotting moments of dissatisfaction which can be improved. If a client is dissatisfied with your services, they are most likely not to tell you directly, rather it needs to be understood from the sentiment of their feedback. This is a process that AI systems help you with.

With the help of high-functioning analytical, semantic software, and machine learning processes, an AI feature can let you accurately know what your client is trying to express with the words (positive/negative) or the syntax of the sentences used.

Voice Recognition

Voice-based applications have become crucial in the 21st century. Be it a simple search or a potential question, the preferred method of providing any command is via voice recognition technology. It is embarked in all professional applications and robots. With the help of this technology, the customers of your business can interact with the web-store, business applications as they would with a real-life shopkeeper, through questions and commands. This AI driven process can be further personalized to suit the speech patterns, dialects,  accents, and tones of the users such that the system never fails to pick up what is being said. With the words and the voices used, the software can figure out the sentiment of the users. It can then adapt its own answers, add a joke in the conversation to improve the customer's feelings and satisfaction.


Through the use of semantic and sentiment analysis, AI can be the best psychologist and content writer in your company. The application will first analyze all the words used by a targeted customer and store them. When a salesperson writes an email, before sending it, the AI feature will replace the words used by the salesperson by their synonyms used by this customer. This message will then look so familiar to the receiver. His/her confidence will highly increase. He/she will win a new friend in the company sales team. The feature will apply perfectly the concepts written in “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. When the customer reply, the AI will answer using again the target’s vocabulary and grammar syntax. After several iterations, through the increase of confidence, the prospect will be converted into a customer.  
In the same way, the images, behavior, and speech of any person can be cloned by AI. The clones will be spread over the international offices. This digital human can then reply from many different places to the questions of hundreds of customers at the same time. realized an impressive cloning of Daniel Kalt, the chief economist of UBS, to attend hundreds of conference calls at the same time.


All businesses and sectors can benefit from AI processes. The sales people will now be dedicated to getting more interesting jobs, focusing on human skills and enlightening their innovative ideas with their customers. The AI robots and features will work aside, producing more value for the company while improving the professional life of its employees. Less stress, fewer duties, more freedom will bring more satisfaction and values for the world.  

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